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Latest Release: Silver's Redemption by Patty Wiseman


Latest Release—Silver's Redemption

Fifty-six-year-old Georgianna (Silver) Fellowes relished her East Coast executive position.

…Until the day a twenty-something blonde bombshell replaced her. Suddenly, she was considered too old for the industry.

Devastated, she returned to the ranch her father left her in West Texas near the small town of Diamond Gulch and retreated from the world.

…Until she met Ash Ericcson, a tall, blue-eyed, warehouse employee who was captivated by her ageless beauty. The fighting spirit gradually returns to Silver, and healing begins.

Together with eclectic friends Rosalee and Smokes, Ash watches Silver take on a crooked deputy sheriff, Foley York, as he tries to steal her ranch.

What comes next will have you cheering for the spirit of this woman who found the power of age and experience always has the upper hand.

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Patty Wiseman, award-winning author and speakerPatty is a popular speaker for community groups, writers' groups, and workshops. She inspires audiences to embrace their challeges and live their best life.

Patty's experience proves that living your dream IS possible. She shares her story of learning how to live the life she always wanted. Through her message, you'll find hope to "Challenge, Conquer, and Change" your life and your world!

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